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AIPR (authorization for any intervention next to networks)

The legislative and regulatory scope for works next to networks has been deeply modified: in the original system, duties were born almost exclusively by works companies. Anyway, in 2012, roles and responsibilities have been distributed among the various actors: project managers (clients, prime contractors), network operators (municipalities, local council community, big cities, water authorities, Enedis, GrDF, Orange, etc.), works contractors (building companies, municipal technical services, etc.).

Training and skills control are at the heart of the system: as of January 1st, 2018, people who work upstream of the works projects or during their execution must get an « authorization for any intervention next to networks » (AIPR). The goal is to avoid damage to property or people when working next to networks whether in rural or in urban areas.

ECR Environnement is concerned by this authorization and began a training program in December 2016 for its whole staff to be trained by the end of 2017.

AIPR Construire sans détruire

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