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ECR Environnement

ECR Environnement is an independent design office and consultancy firm specializing in 4 business areas:

Topography / cartography

Street topographic study, network detection and georeferencing, building survey, 3D modelling, digital model, …

Roads and
utilities engineering

Project management of roads and utilities in public space, housing area or activity centre developments, …


Realization of soil testing prior to building construction, directional drilling, network concealment, siting of masts, …


Drawing up of regulatory dossiers (Water Law, impact studies), polluted sites and soils (pollution diagnosis, management plan …), choice of on-site (non-collective) sanitation solution, …

Since its agencies are distributed all over France, the company operates throughout the French metropolitan territory and overseas.

Quality within ECR Environnement

Convinced that our customers’ satisfaction and loyalty will be achieved through services quality and follow-up, ECR Environnement continuously implements and improves its working methods and quality procedures.

New employees entering ECR Environnement are trained and, as soon as they enter the company, their awareness is raised on our working methods and our continuous improvement process.
Our quality approach affects both the administrative management and each of our businesses in a more technical dimension.

We regularly carry out internal audits to ensure that developed working methods are well understood and implemented.

Our main clients are regularly submitted to client satisfaction surveys.

Qualifications and certifications

On a regular basis, the management committee composed of all regional directorates decides on the qualifications and certifications necessary to improve our working methods and/or our commercial attractivity.

To date, for all our agencies we are proud of:

  • Certification in network detection and georeferencing
  • OPQIBI qualification in the fields of roads and utilities engineering and geotechnics

We have also begun the National Laboratory of Metrology and Testing certification process in the scope of our « polluted sites and soils » activities.

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