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New service: Monitoring or topographic survey

ECR Environnement carries out topographic surveys: real-time monitoring of structures, embankments, buildings, tunnels movements, …

Used devices

Used devices are high precision automatic theodolites associated with 3D prisms. Control units ensure the proper functioning of instruments, data recovery and real-time processing with the possibility to set alarm thresholds.

Intervention sectors

Infrastructures (monitoring during directional drilling under railways, mudslide control, slope stability and monitoring of tunnel deformations).
Building and civil engineering (monitoring of excavations deformations and works in the area of influence).
ECR Environment achievements
Discontinuous topographic observation with dedicated teams.
3D scan measurements of structures and surfaces.
Setting up, monitoring and interpretation of geotechnical data (inclinometers, crackmeters, piezometers, strain gauges, …).

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